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Would you

Would you still be there
If i told you I can’t promise you forever
Cause baby I ain’t even sure of tomorrow
Would you still be there
If I showed you my scars
They run from my head to my toe
Would you still be there
If I showed you me demons
They come out to dance at night
That’s why I wake up to cry
Would you still be there
If i told you my future ain’t bright
All I am now are embers of a dying flame
Would you still be there
If I told you my heart is a shattered glass
I’m just but a withered rose
Only my thorns remain
Tell me baby, would you be there
Then maybe, just maybe, I’ll give you my heart.



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Dear earth,
I came knowing nothing,
hoping to get something,
please don’t be cruel on me,
for it was not by choice,
I came to exist,
please teach me to survive,
but be gentle,
for roughness might break me,
teach me to live,
but don’t be too hard on me,
for I’ll toughen up,
and have no space for love,
or for the father above,
teach me how to keep,
but don’t make me mean,
teach me how to think,
but not to question,
please be good to me,
for the short time we will be together.



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The fire is out
The flower is dead
I no longer think of love
Happiness has eluded me
I no longer write of hope
I no longer write of love
All I think of are withered roses
Embers and ashes of a dying flame
Even the fiercest of fires die out
Nothing is forever

I sit on my bed, wondering what my life has come to. They don’t want to understand me whatever I say , they have decided what to believe. How can i tell them without being perceived as ungrateful ? How can I tell them my life is mine to shape. How can I tell them my flame was from borrowed fuel , now I got to have my own? Thoughts crossing my mind. Is this what i want? Is this my path. Maybe all this is because I have deviated from my path, maybe its high time I took the wheel.
All this time they have been driving. They want me to go to a destination of thir choice. Maybe this is so that I take back what’s mine to control; my destiny. I am about to make choice, a choice that will make or break me. Sometimes i feel like I am at the edge of a clif crumbling on both sides ,wether I choose to jump or stay the results will be same, I won’t survive.
Maybe this is my call to arms maybe if I jump I’ll contol the landing. Flames you light have a tendency of consuming you. Depression sets in. Maybe the only way they’ll have me is by loosing me. Maybe I should go. Maybe I’m just petals of a withered rose, embers of a dying flame.

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Of those quick twists and sharp turns,
Those rushed hugs and tagged arms,
That hearty laughter and ragged smile,
The snacks shared during hikes,
The exchange gifts and bridging rifts,
Stolen kisses served in winks and glimpses,
Those retard jokes and playful pokes,
All different strokes playing different roles…

Reminiscence of…
The fierce fights and the lonely nights
Of the break ups and make ups
Long night calls and late night booty calls
Those feather tickles and planned pillow fights
Your stubbornness and my shallowness
Shared mushene kutoka enzi za tene
All different strokes playing different roles

Of youthful memories and mouth watering chemistry
Forgotten history and a well planned future
Your love for pancakes and mine for cupcakes
Those hidden blushes and “aaaw” moments
My tiny behind to your bumpy butt
Your beautiful scars and my ginormous back birthmark:
All different strokes playing roles

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Behind the marks


Crushed, cracked, wrecked till there’s nothing left,
It’s not a life she chose but a lie that chose her,
The unfairness of entities,
Whirled up like a wind blowing the sands of time,
Changes she never accustomed to but they picked me up,
Not by choice but I guess fate had it all planned.

Once a fragile innocent soul,
So warm to the world that the sun couldn’t melt it,
Once a calm heart, a breeze in Pacific couldn’t match it even as whales sunk in,
A being so new that no pain would dare scratch,
It all drowned by the minute,
Life and anger taking over,
Pay back redeeming it to zero,
Cold feet budging in and desolating it’s own will.

She chose to fly for the evil,
Red flag the only ego,
Breaking hearts, sinking dreams,
A villain by course,
A red mark by spot,
Taking away lives under a mask,
Only she knew about.

Too bad the world never saw it coming.

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They told me to cage my demons

They know how to swim

I caged them

They picked the lock

Now I’m dancing with them

A slow rhymeless tune

Im dancing with my demons

Dancing to their tune

My demons caught up with me

They told me death is kinder

No this ain’t a death wish

Death is calm

Death is peaceful

But I fear for my soul

So I’m dancing with my demons

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Image result for eloping couples drawing
”we made a grand escape”

We looked up to the sky and counted our LUCK;
We told the whole world but it believed this plan to be sheer FUSS
So we piled up our cash with our fingers CROSSED
We scratched our heads at the coins we TOSSED.

Seasons PASSED, present became the PAST.
The time CAME, you said you were GAME
We packed our bags, not forgetting a bottle of wine.

We traveled due south to seek us some peace
Smiling at the beautiful LANDSCAPE as we made a grand ESCAPE
Excuses were forgotten, we were gypsies on the road
Our dumb SMILES matching the covered hundred MILES…

We braced ourselves for the chance of a lifetime.