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A love like yours cold yet addictive,

A feeling like yours distant ,

but i find myself missing you.

An atitude like yours ,

A don’t care, but i can’t imagine waking up in the morning,

Without you beside me.

And even when we kiss,

I know you don’t care for two folks.

Every day and every night,

I Try to make you stay.

Look like an angel,

But your savage.

I don’t mind you can use me,

Because i still need your savage love.

Maybe someone broke your heart.


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The theatre of dreams turned to horror and screams
Cause Ole got his team selection wrong,
With the team he selected,he thought “three points collected”,
But he found out the wanderers were too strong

The Old Trafford crowd were not very loud,
As all you could hear was a squeak,
Instead all our boys were making plenty of noise,
Singing “can we play you every week”.

The rags fans were disgusted in the team that they trusted,
They`re expected to win every game,
But the whites made them pay with a superb display,
That made Man United look tame.

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Manchester United are the best,
They stand out above the rest,
Manchester United we wear with pride,
The red shirt, our favourite side,
Old Trafford is our home ground,
Manchester United we follow around,
So many players with fantastic skills,
It is so good to watch them, it’s a thrill,
We are the fans so very proud,
When they run out on the ground,
It is so true without a doubt,
Manchester United is what we shout,
Yes all this is true,
We are red and definitely not blue!

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World Not Ours

The world has been broken,
A late realization to awaken,
Late after the sun has risen,
And the day’s rations stolen.

The world has been so cruel,
All hopes for decency shrivel,
In the faces of engines diesel,
Production or out in the drizzle.

Who of ours will listen to us,
Turning and toiling in a muck,
Of which getting out is a luck,
Tender flesh or plenty of bucks.

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Why do you love football?
What do you see in it?
Why not watch another sport
Like Rugby, Golf, or Cricket?

Well let me answer that my friend
And put your mind at rest
I love the beautiful game
Because it’s simply the best

No other sport is as exciting
No other comes anywhere near
Football can create passion
And lots of atmosphere

It is loved all around the world
Most children kick a football
Rich kids, and poor kids
small kids, and some very tall

A good football match is a joy to watch
That’s why thousands go to every game
When you get goals and lots of action
All the fans are so glad that they came

So yes my friend I do love football
It’s by far the number one sport for me
So while you’re watching Golf and Cricket
I’ll be watching Match of the Day, EPL