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Why behind my back

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Man fears time

metuit homo tunc temporis dictis pyramidibus cervices peccatorum

This saying ” man fears time, time fears the pyramids.” Has continuously ran in my mind, never giving me peace since I heard of the sad news, a friends demise. A young soul, an aspiring nurse in his second year. Marcus, Marcus Atwoto Garvey . He was a high school friend of mine. An accident took his life.

Since getting this news my heart has known no peace. What if it was me. I don’t know much about his family but just to think of it, what could his dad be feeling right now. He was yet to achieve his goal. After educating him all the way to the university ,I can tell you maranda high school fees was no joke, they have nothing to show for All their efforts a struggles. Now they have a dead son to burry. I don’t know if the truth of this matter hits you like it has me. I write this from my heart , a sad, scared and afraid heart. What if it were me.

I have never been afraid of death or to die, I have always been adventuresome with life, a risk taker. But this time I was shook. The picture of his lifeless mutilated body still replays in my mind over and over again. I just can’t overcome it. I have lost people before, people I far close to me. But never have I been shook this way.

I am an ambitious guy. Some say I’m overly ambitious but hell mans got to have goals. What if I died today, what if it were me in that accident. As I write this I am in a matatu heading home. If I will arrive safe its only time that will tell but I hope I finish this story. I can’t help but think it over and over. I am the only son and the first born child. All eyes of my siblings and parents are on me, what if they got the news that I had perished in an accident. Maybe I am being too pessimistic about it but I have no reason not to.

Life is fragile, yet we go around moving like we own the world, yet in a split second we could loose it. We take life for granted like it is our right to live. I have never been a religious person but this , this made be want to kneel down everyday when I wake up and thank whoever is responsible for it. It made me feel indebted for the wrong choices I have made in my life. Yet it is also an eye opener, that whatever It is I want to achieve, I have to start now.

metuit homo tunc temporis dictis pyramidibus cervices peccatorum

IamLervish poetry

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Tamed by my own

Times without number I broke my back living for the world,
Dawn to dusk pleasing the insatiable,
Rocking worlds without any quests,
Making amends for deeds known and unknown to me.

Cruelty dawned but my love for life never ceased,
Name calling and humiliation won the better days over and over,
My soul never sunk neither did my faith,
My world never broke neither did my sight for days ahead.

I drowned in my own charity,
Got maimed by those I died for,
Stabbed by souls I fed,
Mocked by those I loved,
I still suffer for being a big heart.

©VaatiN 2019

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My heart stopped beating,
While my eyes shut in no motion,
It all begun when pain chose to be my mortal,
Striking without notice, possessing my soul’s landing.

Tears never welled up my eyes would never phantom,
My breathe escaped me it was never a battle for stardom,
Strength was gone all I had left was to choose where to die from.

Hours of battles unknown to me,
Days of wars searching for where to be,
Years of anguish never letting me be,
I chose peace and for once I could breathe.

I’m free.

©VaatiN 2019

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i sneezed, the weather froze my bones

the battle,

my ears got serenaded by Sarah’s lullaby

the rattle

she sang of beauty and shape,

she sang about dear Mr. Turtle

i sneezed,

she pushed the cup of coffee closer and told me to take a sip,


i asked,

didn’t she know that i was sick?

“it’s just a cold dear, patience is what Mr. Turtle failed to hear?”

Patient, yes i was.

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Would you

Would you still be there
If i told you I can’t promise you forever
Cause baby I ain’t even sure of tomorrow
Would you still be there
If I showed you my scars
They run from my head to my toe
Would you still be there
If I showed you me demons
They come out to dance at night
That’s why I wake up to cry
Would you still be there
If i told you my future ain’t bright
All I am now are embers of a dying flame
Would you still be there
If I told you my heart is a shattered glass
I’m just but a withered rose
Only my thorns remain
Tell me baby, would you be there
Then maybe, just maybe, I’ll give you my heart.



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