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​Ruth Vaati Nyamai, Kenya.

ODP Faceoff Queen

Season 3, Episode 8

You said the sun sets to end the day, but not a hope for tomorrow,

You told me that every second of my life is an image of the last shadow,

One that never leaves the sky,

No matter how dark it gets,

One that never shuts down,

No matter how cold it gets.
You promised to stay forever and keep watching the horizon,

Stay by my side so I’m not scared of the nights,

Teach me to be brave and keep vigil till dawn,

Teach me to be more than a tiger and a fighter.
See dad, I’m half of what you taught me,

Sometimes I’m weak I can’t help me,

I need you back here with me,

Come let’s watch the last ray together.
I love you daddy 

©VaatiN 2017
ODP Forever



Our job is to use creative writing in inspiring and giving hope to the modern society. Every moment is a story. What is your story?

4 thoughts on “Daddy

  1. Fantastic work with a touch of twenty first century reality.
    I hope soon I will not be teach
    okot p bitek and Echoes across the valley
    keep up.

    Liked by 1 person

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