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Rich Kids of Kenyatta Road


Rich Kids Reach Out

Story by Kelvin Mutune; Machakos, Kenya.

First things first, give Caesar what’s due.
Comment: Is what you write out of experience or just sheer imagination? And whose this Narnia? I’d not mind meeting her.
Reply from author: I write purely out of imagination although in this “Rich Kids of K-Road” I’ve outdid myself in trying to bring out events I’ve seen to fit in harmoniously with my imagination, of course, there’s a generous amount of exaggeration.

 About Narnia, she’s still Narnia business (None ya’ business). She likes remaining anonymous.
My pen seems to bleed a lot nowadays. I’m not complaining though. Rich kids of my hood, I proudly present to you the 3rd article of this series. 

Read and enjoy.
Never let the outrageous attitude of these rich kids lead you to think that they are cold-hearted brimbos loitering on the hallways of hell. No, they are not heartless as many of you think. They are actually more warm than their plastic foreign accents reveal. When it’s time to give, they give cheerfully and without thinking twice. A light skin mama from the heart of Eastlando will silently query herself before giving, ” Nikitoa hii chwani, mathe atanipea credo kweli na venye yeye ni mstingy? Ama nitakua naitisha from mbaibe wangu?!” But not these rich kids. They just dip their well manicured hands into their Louis Vuitton purses and just pick whatever bill comes first. If it’s the one thousand bill, then let it be. 
A friend of the church youth group was getting married and these peeps really showed up to prepare for the weekend event. They threw their accents (or at least some of it) for some time and sang their voices out. Others, unlike me, who had not been born with two left feet decided to show us how to really get down. Then others decided romance was their calling and mimed their way into the hearts of many. These rich kids really *gave* their time in this. Judging from the busy clique schedule that some of them have, and the number of selfies they take per hour, this was really impressive.
Saturday came and flew by, apart from for those who went to the famed after party (they are probably still asleep now, nursing nasty hangovers). For those who decided that their houses formed better roofs than the flashing neon lit environment of the after party, like me, our Saturday really flew by fast

Sunday morning, woke up late. Ok, really really late. Decided to go to church anyways. After all, what’s the whole essence of “better late than never”? As I briskly walked into the dimly lit room, I could feel twenty or so pairs of eyes fixedly staring at me. They even made me doubt my wardrobe choice. Like, ” Kwani hii jeans ni chafu? Ama labda Niko na toothpaste kwa mashavu?…”. I fixed myself in between some friends of mine and immediately got lost in a conversation I’d love to christen “About last night”. I won’t divulge the details of that conversation, its details are classified and the last thing I want is to be skinned alive by the victims. 
The room was full of murmur like usual. You simply can’t stop a rich guy from expressing his feelings to a fellow rich girl, and the youth meeting apparently seems to them like the perfect venue for that. It was only after Ciru bellowed “SHUT UP AND HAVE RESPECT” that some sanity sifted into the room. Rich Kids were called upon to give towards a friend who had just got discharged from the hospital. And I tell you, I was really taken aback at how willing these guys are at helping a friend. In a matter of minutes, we were enroute towards the ailing friend’s home. It was really beautiful watching young men and women coming together for such a cause. For once, no selfies were taken except for Yobra and his pineapple juice in a basin. But what really stood out was the fact that we went out of our way to visit a friend willingly. That simple gesture maybe meant a lot to Davis. The rich kids had come together to give, not only their time and money, but also love. And what is life without love? 
In the midst of the chit chatter it was agreed that there will be a camp later this year and that no one will carry their phone to the camp. Selfie loving, light skin girls have you heard and digested that? No phones for a whole week! No instagram, no Snapchat and no pizzas and iMax will be watching the flora and fauna. I really don’t have an idea how you going to get Coldstone in the wilderness, unless you literally get a cold stone. Beautiful, right?
Before I pen off today, I’d love to do a little bit of reality check. 


Life is fragile and very special. Maybe most of us take it for granted that we are breathing and very well. For those of us who visited Davis, it was really a humbling experience for us to see how far God has brought him and how He has healed him so far. We realized that no one knows about tomorrow and we should always thank God that we are breathing and very well. On that same note, I would humbly ask you to include Davis and his family in your daily prayers. Pray for his quick and full recovery and pray that his family will hold on in this hard time. 
To God be the glory.
ODP Forever.



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