Posted in Second Anthology: Anger Management

​A Colourful Past

Matolo Kyalo Jr., Kilifi County, Kenya.
I stare blankly

Rainwater trickles down the stained glass

My taxi is speeding down Teenage Avenue

The images are blurry and surreal

The voices from outside are barely audible

The sounds in my mind are screams and echoes

They cause me unspeakable agony

I stay calm in my seat

Watching as day turns into night 

I see faces burning under the moon’s amber

I see blood on the dirty street

Ambitions scatter all over the pavement

There’s no sanity anymore

It’s just a stone cold avenue painted with rage

Angry people walking aimlessly

Looking for answers from angrier ancestors

It’s a pissed community

Palms start sweating

The images are now fading

Darkness engulfs everything.
Taxi stops at crossroads.
Wind of change awakens my conscience

I look back down the empty avenue

I see a sweet struggle

So much pain

Yet, such a beautiful smile

Souls fighting a winning battle

I see red in blood and rage

For the vigilance and resilience

I see green in torn fences

For patience and strong will

I see yellow in fierce flames

For Hope, faith and a southern rising sun
I see a colourful past.

By: Matolo Kyalo Jr.
Anger Management
©July, 2017.



Our job is to use creative writing in inspiring and giving hope to the modern society. Every moment is a story. What is your story?

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