Posted in Second Anthology: Anger Management

This Can Go Either Way

​Matolo Kyalo Jr, Kilifi County, Kenya.

She speaks with an accent

Borrowed from the Digo and Islamic communities

Her dress code speaks of her roots

The Swahili culture

She drags her speech

And paints a picture with her words

She rarely smiles

But when she does,

It’s sunrise in Mji Wa Kale.
This can go either way ..

I might be sucked into her world

Body art, henna, hijabs, Kurán and Islamic glamour

Bitter coffee with age mates

Ramadhan and sweet doughnuts

Priceless housewife benefits

Allahu Akbar.
This can go either way ..

She might be drawn into my queer lifestyle

Living with an alter ego

Giving poetry the first place

Listening to the soft splash as seawater gracefully rolls to the shore

Cherishing every moment lived

Keeping my anger in check

As we abide by the morals

Avoiding the nasty corals

Less sorrows.

Matolo Kyalo Jr
Anger Management
©July, 2017.



Our job is to use creative writing in inspiring and giving hope to the modern society. Every moment is a story. What is your story?

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