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Way Back When

By: Our Daily Poetry Family.

Suckling on your mom’s nipples

Tooth barely grown

Back when music was music

We would dance with our hearts

Nowadays men just grind on butts

Leisure was time for bonding 

Nowadays the selfish generation has taken root 

Music was for all you see young men with earphones all over.
Ladies were shy

And men were brave

Long dresses represented the long relationships

The moonlight was enough for the night

When virginity was dignity 

Nowadays they say it’s lack of opportunity

When love was true love

Not measured by the pocket.
A telescopic shaft was twisted and extended

Four etched dials were clicked

And a hand taps down on a mesh

Numbers were recited

Digits placed a wire through a cradle

The holder was turned to forty five degrees

Elastic was pulled from black rubber

Dirtied crumpled pages were strummed by a thumb

A velvet tassel was plucked and thfathersck

Chords oscillate

A poem was written…..way back when.
When relationships were treasured 

Unions were respected

When sex wasn’t the backbone of dating

When men cared for women

And women knew how to cook local foods

When ladies used to cook like their mothers 

Nowadays they drink like their fathers.

When black was ordainefully beautiful.
When we still had a dream. 

Color of my skin was a continental symbolism

Not a tint to be tainted out. To be massacred.

Our women were proud of their skin.

Bleaching was considered an abomination

A plagiarism of beauty.
When ODP used to dance

The tune of weekly thread 

Leaving out no issues 

As Killing of albinos

The Monster amidst us ( Cancer)

The world heard our voices 

Right from our inner part of our Brains !
When gentlemen used to compete within themselves to impress a lady 

They compete with their fathers
When handkerchiefs where being used for blowing the nose 

They are nowadays worn as clothes 
Take me to those days

Where children memorized radio adverts instead of curses

Listened to stories and folk tales not to songs full of nothing coated in a danceable beat

Where children watched cartoons and practice English

Not watching pornography and practice it.

When they played out in the field 

Not indoors on their phones.
When families used to pray together instead of praying each in their own rooms

When dinner used to b the time to share daily experiences instead of spending the whole dinner whatsapping.When breakfast was ngwashe not bread na sausage.
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Our job is to use creative writing in inspiring and giving hope to the modern society. Every moment is a story. What is your story?

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