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create_thumbPoetry is not just about rhyming words and beautiful stanzas. Everything we do in life is a story that can be written into a poem or an article. This platform was established by Matolo Kyalo Jr. to help everyone who has writing skills in showcasing their talent. It’s not a platform for writers only.. everyone is always welcome to talk about their life encounters on Our Daily Poetry™. Join us today in writing history.


One thought on “About The Blog

  1. yesterday we celebrated like heroes
    but that was not the end of it all
    the team leader digressed
    the cheering pervarded
    we felt like winners
    but our inner being unnourished

    its still there
    stuck on our skin like lies
    but our nerves were sedated
    we could not think once
    leave alone twice

    the unwanted leaders are there
    the diplomats are there
    the corruption is there
    the judges are there
    the oppresed proletariats are there

    no one can see the uncompleted task
    they cant see the wrong interpretations
    the can see the unfair dealingd
    and injustices in our country
    the oppressed blinded to the real facts that they are celebrating.
    actually they were spectators in all that


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