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​Ruth Vaati Nyamai, Kenya.

ODP Faceoff Queen

Season 3, Episode 8

You said the sun sets to end the day, but not a hope for tomorrow,

You told me that every second of my life is an image of the last shadow,

One that never leaves the sky,

No matter how dark it gets,

One that never shuts down,

No matter how cold it gets.
You promised to stay forever and keep watching the horizon,

Stay by my side so I’m not scared of the nights,

Teach me to be brave and keep vigil till dawn,

Teach me to be more than a tiger and a fighter.
See dad, I’m half of what you taught me,

Sometimes I’m weak I can’t help me,

I need you back here with me,

Come let’s watch the last ray together.
I love you daddy 

©VaatiN 2017
ODP Forever

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​Ten Minutes to a Teenage Rebuff 

Stuart Kon, Malawi.

Today Monsieur Joe will propose to her; 

And gone will be Madame Zera 

(My Madame Zera)

The minute she gets off that train.
There just is something to her:

That tender ringed bare neck;

That matcho confident defiant look;

Her shadow is by itself alive.
Today I too get to confess to Madame Zera;

Only in her arms will my first beard grow.
Ten minutes ‘til I see Madame Zera;

(My Madame Zera) 

And may that coal heat on and hurry her to me,

At least a minute ahead of Monsieur Joe, her lover.



ODP Forever

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By The Time You Get This …

By the time you get this 

Our son will be graduating 

Whose father the gardener I stabbed to end up in this hell hole after he made too much use of yours 
By the time you get this 

I would have flushed down my dreams in this filthy toilet 

And swallowed down my screams echoed by these steel bars which have become my still car 
By the time you get this 

It would have been too late for me to make a repentance 

The same way you let the gardeners tools slide don’t hold on to any grudge 
By the time you get this 

I would no longer have to explain myself 

They may have been able to hold my body but my mind heart and soul will always roam free.



ODP Forever

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​Ownership is Granted

You weep your shadow against my delicate skin 
Your thoughts inked onto my flesh in ownership 

And I drown with pleasure in it.
Every part of my body vibrates to the immeasurable pressure of your blood flow,

Stretching the walls of my imagination

Wallowing in your depths.
Today I surrender to your will and wants 

Leaving me wide open to your creative mastery 

Lay me down and finger the lay lines from root to crown.
Your shadow plays tenderly against the mystery 

Guide me to that place inside that no has ever seen 

Kiss me deeply with a fevered tongue inside your well of souls.
Ownership is granted, branded for life 

I wear you well.



ODP Forever

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Bone to bone,
Borne to bourn,

You are my all time treasurer ,

A life that I can’t let go,

You are my soul,

A part that can’t leave my side.
Can’t call you my beginning nor my end,

But I can bind my heart with yours ,

Can’t call you my light in the dark night ,

But I can bind my sight to see you tomorrow.
Heart to heart,

Soul to soul,

You are my strength no matter the weight,

You are my sight no matter the distance ,

You are my life no matter the Dawns.
Borne to bone,

My eternal flame ,

Born to burn ,

Intensely and immensely ,

You are my life ,

Till fate lives no more.



ODP Forever

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Neath The Veil

Broken spines and rib cages; 

Mount onto my heart; 

They rip off my humanity from the claws of my breath;

Painting my hue with crimsons; 

At times the contrast is too high;

Other times, saturation is too low; 

I hide neath this veil of skin; 

Where nobody can define my worth; Addicted to my goth; 

Barely escapable.
Neath the veil;

Chaos overshadow my muse;

Look closely I bear unseen scars;

I bear split personalities; 

Each dances to my melancholy; 

Who am I?

Voices clot my throat;

I tore myself a part to avert the excruciable; 

I’m caged in my self affliction; 

No freedom; 

Yet I find console in my hurt; 

Tears water my veil; 

Persuading me to fight each and every day; yet the results will always be the same; 

I stay numbed.



ODP Forever

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ODP Faceoff King: Ndiang’ui, Kenya.



In your wrinkles grandma,
I see time,
Spent nurturing the fruit of your womb,
Spent torturing the palavers of your mind,
Sprinkling hope over desperate souls.

In your wrinkles grandma,
I see the world,
Of truth of the rigours of faithful search,
Of the sanctity of justified sacrifice,
To escape the gallows of desperation.

In your wrinkles grandma,
I see me,
And taste the sweet sweat in the Farrows,
Hoping to once see me as you.

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Felix Angaga, Kenya.


I am the prisoner of tribalism and nepotism,
My religion and your race separates us,..
I am you who doesn’t care of another life, I am you who incite others  just to have the feeling of power
I am you who throws stones at your future employers
I am you!!!!

A prisoner of myself, with words that are spoken but can’t be taken back,
For the fastest man alive is slower than the uttered words,
A prisoner of society, with a mindset that those around agree with
A prisoner of that which I speak not of but only I know of.

A prisoner of unsaid feelings,
A prisoner of  unseen reality,
A prisoner of the generation that uses not paper to write but tabs and phones, uses no letter but emails, I miss my hand writing!!

We are all behind bars, waiting for another shift, a change of the warden
Just to see if we can make bail
Its our right to shout thus behind these bars we plead
“Haki yetu”
We are prisoners of letters, jailed by my tongue for the masterpice of my words
We are the poetic prisoners!!!

* haki yetu – Swahili term for ‘our rights’.


©2016 Felix Angaga.