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By Our Daily Poetry Family.

What if this is a sign

That we are more than a religious affiliation

What if she is the one 

That I’m meant to be with til the sun goes down

What if we are two stars

Twinkling in an ocean of dull moons

What if it’s just us

What if we are loose balloons,

Just met on same course,

Thinking we tied to destiny,

What if he is a spice,

Just to flavour my life on his way out,

What if am wrong?
What if it was never meant to be,

What if it’s just a trial..

What will happen after we’ve parted ways,

How will it feel to be far away from you,your heart and mind
what if  I’m not 

wrong but insane 

caged into reality,

would life be better than it is,

if insecure is a feeling,

then security is an emotion.

what if….
What if he is the reason I stay late at night smilling to myself? 

Looking at my screen saver wishing it could talk, 

What if he is the one my heart beats for? 

Religion is just religious it was there way back

Why should it devide us into two? 

Why should there be boundaries between two innocent hearts in love?
What if we did not share blood

What if it was allowed

For us to be

For us to create a we

Just you and I

What if
What if sobriety is just an illusion

To veer us off from the untapped potentials of our minds

What if a blunt gives us the freedom 

To really be what we really are

What if this feeling drives off any confusion?

What if…

What if we met and kissed in the rain?

What if we were in deep love that we walked on fire and felt no pain?

What if Romeo resurrected and fell in love all over again?

What if love died,would you learn how to love like Wayne?
What if death was just a charade,

A mere story,

A boogeyman’s tale told to humans,

To ward off their immortality,

To drain away their sobriety,

Wait, what if I’m bored in life, 

Would it about me?
What if this is the fate spoken of

What if we complete each other purposefully

What if there’s more to sparkles of our romance

Why not give me the chance to explore the what if’s
What if

Am dying for love

Will you give me the cure 

Or will you make love seems wicked.

And if I am gone,

Let their be no sadness in thy heart.
What if I sing to your heart,

Then let my fingers string the chords of your being

What if I revive the feeling

Will we take one more drive on the road of ecstasy?
Why if I love the blindness covering my eyes?

It keeps you behind my head on top of my eyes

be my leader be my walking stick

why if I am also dying inside only because tradition says we cannot be together?

Why if I want you more than you do?
If you were born a question you would die that way because no one can equal you. If you agree with me let’s agree to no more ifs

*What If*

So you are the poet…

A sought after artist,

A musician with the voice to die for,

One after Picasso’s own heart,

A lyricist that gives words to all tunes…

So you are all of these and maybe more,

Well,that’s great of you!
So this fine bright morning,

With a happy soul you rise up,

With a cheerful heart you awake,

A warm smile spreading on your lips,

And with your head already in the game,

You are ready to face the day,

To conquer and rule,

To set the pace all will scramble to follow,

You then set the ball rolling.
But all that you planned,

All that you had set up,

Just like a house of cards,

Like perfectly arranged dominoes,

Comes tumbling…

Crashing down,

Right before your eyes!
What if you lose your charisma,

Your outlook for the world changes,

Your response to the world offsets you,

And in the charade of it all,

You realize you just lost it…

Lost all that made you sane,

Lost all that kept you grounded…


What if you lost yourself?
Your words keep you sane,

Your voice adds beauty to you,

Your paint and canvas tell of your life,

The dance steps talk of your feelings,

All these art show of your humanity,

Show of your emotion,

But with a snap of a finger,

With a shake of a lamb’s tail,

You just lost it…

Lost it all.
What if one day you lost yourself,

In this big wide sea you are set afloat,

Sinking and floating with the high and low tides,

Being carried in the ever turning tornado,

And in the midst of it all,

Its the peace found in the eye that you seek,

And despite it all…

Its the peace in the storm that you yearn.

What if you lost all that makes you sane,

In this world full of ravaging storms,

Will you fight to remain sane,

Will you fight to find your words,

Your voice…

Your dance steps…

Your canvas…

Your unsung lyrics…

Or will you fade away,

Absorbed and swallowed with the world,

To be forgotten and be written off,

Completely erased from the books of history,

That are presently being written in your memory!
What if you lost you,

Will you remain lost?

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Way Back When

By: Our Daily Poetry Family.

Suckling on your mom’s nipples

Tooth barely grown

Back when music was music

We would dance with our hearts

Nowadays men just grind on butts

Leisure was time for bonding 

Nowadays the selfish generation has taken root 

Music was for all you see young men with earphones all over.
Ladies were shy

And men were brave

Long dresses represented the long relationships

The moonlight was enough for the night

When virginity was dignity 

Nowadays they say it’s lack of opportunity

When love was true love

Not measured by the pocket.
A telescopic shaft was twisted and extended

Four etched dials were clicked

And a hand taps down on a mesh

Numbers were recited

Digits placed a wire through a cradle

The holder was turned to forty five degrees

Elastic was pulled from black rubber

Dirtied crumpled pages were strummed by a thumb

A velvet tassel was plucked and thfathersck

Chords oscillate

A poem was written…..way back when.
When relationships were treasured 

Unions were respected

When sex wasn’t the backbone of dating

When men cared for women

And women knew how to cook local foods

When ladies used to cook like their mothers 

Nowadays they drink like their fathers.

When black was ordainefully beautiful.
When we still had a dream. 

Color of my skin was a continental symbolism

Not a tint to be tainted out. To be massacred.

Our women were proud of their skin.

Bleaching was considered an abomination

A plagiarism of beauty.
When ODP used to dance

The tune of weekly thread 

Leaving out no issues 

As Killing of albinos

The Monster amidst us ( Cancer)

The world heard our voices 

Right from our inner part of our Brains !
When gentlemen used to compete within themselves to impress a lady 

They compete with their fathers
When handkerchiefs where being used for blowing the nose 

They are nowadays worn as clothes 
Take me to those days

Where children memorized radio adverts instead of curses

Listened to stories and folk tales not to songs full of nothing coated in a danceable beat

Where children watched cartoons and practice English

Not watching pornography and practice it.

When they played out in the field 

Not indoors on their phones.
When families used to pray together instead of praying each in their own rooms

When dinner used to b the time to share daily experiences instead of spending the whole dinner whatsapping.When breakfast was ngwashe not bread na sausage.
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